The Indaba Drop Ship Program has now CLOSED

We carry the inventory, we do the shipping, you supply your customers risk free!

Program running until June 30th, 2020


  • To support your online sales efforts during COVID-19, we are excited to introduce a New Drop Ship Program for you and your customers with thousands of in-stock products available.
  • Show our photos on your website and social media, take orders from your customers, and complete our Drop Ship Form to place your orders.

        Here’s how the program works:

  1. Select products you would like to make available to your customers for drop ship from the In Stock section on Indaba’s ShopZio online catalogue. Any in stock products are available, excluding: Indian Charpoy Bench (1-6182), Indian Charpoy Bed (1-6183), and any large items requiring pallet shipment. If you have any questions about what items to promote in the program, please contact
  2. To build out your Indaba offering on your website and social media, you can access our lifestyle photography on our website at and request product images directly from
  3. You can also share our Current Catalogue 2020 with your customers located online at Our wholesale prices are coded within the catalogue so customers can browse without seeing pricing.
  4. Take orders from your customers for Indaba products they like. Collect the payment, full name, phone number, and delivery address.
  5. Here’s where the drop shipping begins. Once your Drop Ship account has been approved, simply complete the Drop Ship Form. At checkout, enter your customer’s shipping details, and your billing details.
  6. Indaba will then ship the product(s) directly to your end customer! We will include an invoice without pricing, and will send you the shipping notifications and tracking numbers for you to communicate to your customers.


        Important Terms & Conditions:

  • Flat rate shipping: 15% of order total (minimum charge of $10).
  • Indaba Drop Ship Fee: $7.95 – this fee offsets the extra costs incurred by Indaba in pulling, packing, and invoicing single items. Indaba bears all inventory risks and costs so that the customer doesn’t have to.
  • 4% Returns Allowance: A returns allowance is the standard way that vendors and e-commerce retailers work together to manage the costs of returns. Indaba will apply a 4% discount to drop ship wholesale prices and will not accept returns on drop ship orders. This is a 4% discount from the standard wholesale cost that will be reflected on the invoice you receive. Customer returns are to be handled at the discretion of the retailer.
  • MAP Pricing: Indaba’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is 2.2 x wholesale cost. Retailers cannot advertise Indaba products below this price. We encourage retailers to mark-up products by at least 2.5 x wholesale cost. For example, if you buy an Indaba product for $10, we recommend you list it between $22-$28. MAP pricing also applies to site wide sale and discounts.
  • Payment Terms: All drop ship orders are prepay only. You will be asked for your credit card in the Drop Ship Form checkout screen.
  • Program Duration: Indaba’s Drop Ship Program will run until June 30th, 2020. At that time, we will consider continuing the program for retailers who meet a certain threshold of regular Indaba sales.


        Participating in the Program:

  • If you understand and agree to program's terms and conditions, and would like to participate with us, please Request an Account below.
  • We will review your account to ensure you are an Indaba retailer, and will send you a username and unique password to access the Drop Ship Form.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 746-3222 or email
  • Thank you and we hope this will help your online sales efforts!